ZeroCutlet ™ Affiliate Program

Zero Cutlet is a brand that lets you define your madness with the help of unique products. We are committed to deliver breakthrough products that are creative and innovative picks. The journey of Zero Cutlet began in the year 2018 with the mission of spreading the positivity and bringing out the unique style in every customer. So, get ready and fall in love with your lifestyle from today!


What Does ZeroCutlet Do?


We hand pick a creative and unique set of products that improve your lifestyle. Most importantly, we want our products to embrace your madness and bring out the unique style. Check them and you will definitely love to own at least one! 


Why ZeroCutlet Started?


In the casual conversation, we realised that there is always some madness in every person. According to us, madness is intense love for something. We wanted to take this as the base point and serve the community with zero cutlet products.  


Why Join ZeroCutlet Affiliate Program


By joining our Affiliate Program, each of our affiliate partner is benefitted with the following:-

  • Get Flat 10% Commission / Advertising Fees for all Qualified Purchases on

  • Get Extra Bonuses when you make more sales.  

  • Whether you’re a small business owner, a freelancer, a regular blogger. Its 100% free to join ZeroCutlet Affiliate Program

  • Get paid every month via PayPal. Minimum Threshold of 20$

Minimum Qualification


We understand that every individual, a freelancer, a small business owner, a student starts small. ZeroCutlet also understands that you cannot have a high traffic, niche followers, budget to promote when you are just starting. Hence, we have no major qualifications to join our Affiliate program but would require atleast one among the following. We have curated these factors just to keep up the quality and decorum of the Affiliate Business Model 

  • Niche based blogging website

  • Coupon based website

  • Niche based followers on Social Media Channels ( Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube etc. )

  • Little Digital Marketing & Blogging Experience

Get Started with Affiliate Program with Affiliate Marketing


If you think, you have all the listed capabilities as mentioned by ZeroCutlet Team. Please submit your basic information below. We shall carefully check your details and provide you with an Unique Affiliate Link. Please allow us 24-48 Business working hours to get back with your details. 

Registration Page –

Login Page – 

Home Page –

Terms and Conditions –


How does it work?


You can link to any page of your site with affiliate ID and you will get the commission if the referred customer purchase an item.

Lets say a store page with the following URL:

You can send traffic to the above page by creating an affiliate link by appending the affiliate ID (wpam_id) to the URL.



I have created an affiliate account on the site and my affiliate ID is 1.

I can now create a like to the above mentioned store page URL by using the following URL:

When a visitor clicks on the above link and purchase something from the store, the referrer will get the commission.

Get the Links From the Creatives Menu

 Go to the “creatives” menu in the Affiliate Portal which will give simple links that they can use to refer users to your site. These can be easily used on Facebook, Twitter, Email etc.

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